Charitable Purpose

UVC is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Our organization was formed to build collaboration and connectivity across the Upstate New York region with an emphasis on enabling high growth entrepreneurs to get connected to the right people and resources who want to help grow new companies and jobs in the innovation economy.

We help create and grow accelerators that develop aspiring and first time entrepreneurs in new industries through a closely managed program featuring intensive mentoring and connectivity over a multi-week in residence experience.

Our initiatives educate and inform participants regarding the resources available to help unlock the economic potential of Upstate New York.  With new companies forming and growing as a result of UVC’s effort, it is our goal to reduce the burden on local governments and combat continued economic and social deterioration of the communities of Upstate New York.

Our initiatives are created and maintained by volunteers and employees of Upstate Venture Connect Corporation. The majority of our funding is provided through donations from successful entrepreneurs and area businesses, grants from leading educational institutions and foundations as well as the general public. We have received a limited amount of fee income from our performing consulting projects to other organizations – but restrict this activity to projects consistent with and supportive of our mission and purpose.