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A New Rochester is Forming

A New Rochester is Forming

Rochester has a storied past of entrepreneurial and social innovation. Companies that started here include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Paychex, Constellation Brands, Wegmans, Champion Products, Frontier Communications, Lawyers Coop and Gannett. These notable companies, along with hundreds of other historically significant businesses, were launched in our scenic region. Anchored by rich assets such as the Erie Canal, Lake Ontario, Finger Lakes and Genesee River, Rochester is home to a deep pool of human capital.

Throughout the years, the major technology companies attracted generations of world class engineers. Plus, the two major universities – University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology –produced phenomenal leaders in medicine, optics, information technology, computer gaming, music and applied arts.

For centuries, Rochester has been associated with progressive causes.  Home to Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, it was also the birthplace of religious and creative movements, showing degrees of tolerance and adaptability to change.

With cultural wealth equivalent to a city much larger in size, Rochester offers an abundance of creative outlets and entertainment resources that satisfy any sophisticated individual seeking a rich, balanced life. The music and art resources include one of the world’s leading photography and film collections at The Eastman House, as well as one of the top music conservatories, the Eastman School of Music. So it’s no surprise Rochester is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity.

Now the NEW Rochester is forming, with particular focus in the fields of optics, medicine and telecommunications, as well as business services and software companies.  Built upon the foundations of our predecessors, today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of meetups, Startup Weekend, young professional organizations, maker-spaces and many more activities.

RocGrowth Candids, Rochester, NYYoung and old alike are moving into the city, transforming neighborhoods, opening innovative restaurants and retail establishments, while Millennials are tattooing the city logo on their body, displaying their pride in being a Rochesterian. This is the energy that RocGrowth Candids intends to tap. This is the community we want to support!

RocGrowth Candids is a new, free, bi-monthly event designed to educate, inspire and connect Rochester’s innovators.  It features a local entrepreneur who shares personal stories and lessons acquired on the path to building a successful company. We start and finish with informal networking over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. In between, we conduct an open interview with our featured guest.  The interviews are professionally recorded and posted on our website.  Please visit www.rocgrowth.com and join our mailing list to be informed about upcoming events.  We also encourage you to watch our previous interviews and become inspired.

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  • Posted at 11:08 pm, December 24, 2015

    My thought is that it is a batlte that we cannot afford to not fight. And to all that have decided to not make the city home it would be who of you to pay some attention to the city as well. Where do feel most of your tax dollars are spent? For anyone to suggest that they don’t come into the city and what happens here doesn’t matter is kidding themselves. And every generation that passes it by is only leaving a larger problem for the next generation..

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