Accelerating Upstate NY’s new economy

UVC has always been about supporting those building Upstate New York’s high tech post-industrial economy. Over the last 12 years, our community has coalesced into a region wide movement built on a foundation of Giving First. As a result, countless Upstate founders have found access to mentors, advisors, investors and strategic partners. 

As we look forward, we see a growing number of venture development partners that are incubating a new generation of companies. UVC will continue to promote these activities and celebrate founder successes, but we also recognize that more support is needed as these companies gain traction and start to scale. That is why we are now offering a new level of network support to high growth founders. 

Today, we are tracking more than 500 high growth company founders in Upstate New York. The UVC Founders Network is a connection hub for founders seeking high value introductions to UNY50 entrepreneur leaders, talent resources, and best in class subject matter experts. If you’re a founder in Upstate New York and interested in joining our network, fill out this brief application.

The emergence of so many startups, combined with the rise of remote work is ushering a new era of opportunity across Upstate metros. The fast-growing companies we are tracking have hundreds of positions that offer high salaries with prospects for rapid career advancement and wealth creation. 

We are now committing to build greater job opportunity awareness and startup connectivity for the talent within Upstate and those seeking to return. The first phase of building this Talent Community begins by showcasing opportunities at high growth companies and highlighting our startup hubs. Join the UVC Talent Community to receive targeted opportunity alerts as well as resources to assist your career growth.

As always, we need more shoulders to the wheel. If you’re looking for ways to get involved, let us know

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