Jesan Sorrells

UVC Corespondent | Owner, Human Services Consulting & Training (HSCT)

Analyzing Fundamentals

Analyzing Fundamentals

When analyzing a problem to move forward towards a solution, there is a lot of emphasis placed on determining the impact of the fundamentals of the problem. But problems involving people, rather than processes, are constantly in flux.
Jesan Sorrells gives us a reality check on how to move forward.

My Boss Doesn't Care | Jesan Sorrells, UVC Correspondent

My Boss Doesn’t Care

“My boss doesn’t care” is the beginning of, not complaint, but possibility. Only you can take responsibility and accountability. Yes, it might not work out when you confront the other adult, known as your boss, about their lack of interest in changing the conflict culture of the workplace you’re in, but it just might.