Kathryn Cartini

UVC Correspondent | Founder, Peacock Media LLC

Binghamton Entrepreneurs who have been there and done that

Your net worth is only as good as your network. Networking is one of the most valuable uses of an entrepreneur’s time. At events, we meet like-minded people we can work with and learn from. This is why ecosystem builders in Binghamton have come together to create a series of events to bring entrepreneurs, creatives and business professionals together. During our Tales from the Trenches fireside chats, Binghamton entrepreneurs who have been there and done that share their stories. This events aims to inspire others and provide them with the knowledge to avoid the same pitfalls when starting their own businesses.

Real People, Building Real Businesses in Binghamton

Over the last several months, ecosystem builders in the Southern Tier have worked together to host several innovation events. At these events, members of the entrepreneur community meet to find partners and supporters for launching and growing businesses in Binghamton. Here’s a Part 1 recap of Tales from the Trenches, fireside chats with area entrepreneurs.

How Kevin Rowe Built a Successful Startup in Utica, NY

Kevin Rowe of Rowe Digital recently published his story – ‘How I Built a Successful Startup In the Middle of Nowhere’ in Fast Company. In this article he tells us, regardless of location, how in just three years he created a million-dollar digital marketing firm, including utilizing Upstate Venture Connect’s network to better connect him with contacts in major cities.

Apprenda Cofounder is Pro-Upstate

Born in a rural town in Upstate NY, Sinclair Schuller went from working on cow and quail farms, to being the CEO and Cofounder of one of UNY’s most disruptive software companies. He says he started his company in Upstate NY to take advantage of the close proximity to some of the world’s largest companies in New York City, and believes other entrepreneurs to should take advantages of characteristics like this Upstate has to offer.

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