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2016 Venture Ecosystem Awards Nominations

UVC received over 100 nominations for leaders of the UNY startup ecosystem! Winners were celebrated at the luncheon following the 2016 Upstate Unleashed conference on September 16 at the Turning Stone Resort.

Campus Connector
For individuals affiliated with an educational institution (could be an administrator, student, alumnus or faculty member) who are leveraging on and off-campus resources and connections to spin out research startups and/or create opportunities to retain entrepreneurial students.

Terry Brown
Martin Casstevens
Scott Catlin
Antonio Civitella
Matthew Cusack
Erin Draper
Robert Edgell
David Gower
Wills Hapworth
Linda Hartsock
Amy Johnson
James Joseph
Jason Kuruzovich
Rick Neff
Rich Notargiacomo
Karen Utz
Jon Owejan
Emad Rahim
Bob Spinelli
Per Stromhaug


Deal of the Year
For a company whose exit created wealth for investors and founders/employees, as well as making the company a stronger contributor to the local economy.

Autonomy Distributors
Fibertech Networks LLC
Touchstream Solutions


Ecosystem Champion
For individuals who are catalyzing and supporting startup activity across multiple Upstate communities.

Doug Buerkle
Antonio Civitella
Doug Cresenzi
David Dussault
Richard Frederick
Richard Glaser
Marnie LaVigne
Johnny LeHane
Robert Manasier
Theresa Mazzullo
Jack McGowan
Elisa Miller-Out
Nicholas Querques
Michele Salisbury
Zach Shulman
Jennifer Tegan
David Thiemecke
Sam Ticknor
Steven Wood


Magical Mentor
For individuals who have had a transformative impact on the trajectory of one or more startup companies.

Maxine L. Barasch
Brian Bauer
Deb Best
Paul Brooks
Antonio Civitella
Rick D’Errico
Tom Donovan
Howard Foote
Charles Hamilton
Michael Hoffman
Richard Honen
Bill Jones
John Liddy
Felix Litvinsky
Jim Lozano
Arkley Mastro
Ryan Miller
Steve Nicosia
Dan Penberthy
Steve Raines
Rick Richmond
Mike Riedlinger
Jason Salfi
Steve Suhowatsky
Bill Tansey
Katie Tansey
Chris Wessell
Alex Zhang


Community Catalyst
For individuals who organize programs to bring together diverse start ecosystem players in a local community and/or increase the amount of capital and number of active early stage investors in that community.

El-Java Abdul-Qadir
Judy Albers
Paul Brooks
Doug Buerkle
George Chamoun
Antonio Civitella
Rick Clonan
Brian Corrigan
Tony DiMarco
Frank DuRoss
Troy Evans
Richard Glaser
Franklin Hoke
James Joseph
Jason Kuruzovich
Marnie LaVigne
Johnny LeHane
Joanne Lenweaver
Elisa Miller-Out
Tom Nardacci
Rick Neff
Cliff Olin
Tom Schryver
James Senall
Chuck Stormon
David Thiemecke
Bruce Toyama
Kris Walker
Christine Whitman