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Testing for the virus behind COVID-19 is a significant problem. My company Rheonix, immediately shifted all its resources to develop a test.  In the six weeks since obtaining Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA at the end of April we have generated a backlog and sales that are double....

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Mark Oney - Rochester Business Journel

At UVC, we spend a lot of our time helping emerging entrepreneurs in Upstate communities find the people that can help them succeed. For the past year, however, a new trend seems to be coming together--experienced entrepreneurs from major tech hubs are rediscovering what a great place Upstate is to build out their teams!...

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SpinCar $22M Financing | Upstate Venture Connect

SpinCar's $22 million recapitalization is the largest financing for a downtown Syracuse business in over a decade. The investment created a 20-times (2,000%) return for the StartFast investors, and has positioned SpinCar to continue its triple-digit annual growth rate. With its headquarters in Syracuse, SpinCar's growth is creating new job opportunities for the region's college graduates as well. ...

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