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Born in a rural town in Upstate NY, Sinclair Schuller went from working on cow and quail farms, to being the CEO and Cofounder of one of UNY's most disruptive software companies. He says he started his company in Upstate NY to take advantage of the close proximity to some of the world's largest companies in New York City, and believes other entrepreneurs to should...

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My Boss Doesn't Care | Jesan Sorrells, UVC Correspondent

My Boss Doesn’t Care

"My boss doesn't care" is the beginning of, not complaint, but possibility. Only you can take responsibility and accountability. Yes, it might not work out when you confront the other adult, known as your boss, about their lack of interest in changing the conflict culture of the workplace you’re in, but it just might....

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Tending Seeds of Growth Across Upstate NY

UVC and its partners have been working diligently to promote the cause of high growth entrepreneurship across Upstate NY. The first Upstate Venture CEO Survey (conducted by Rochester-based CGR) offers many insights into high growth businesses and their economic impact on the state. It also points to opportunities for the broader community to support and nurture these drivers of our future economy....

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