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Early Stage Technology Companies Present Ideas at the 2015 JazzTech Conference in Rochester, NY

Early Stage Technology Companies Present Ideas at the 2015 JazzTech Conference in Rochester, NY

The 2015 JazzTech Conference held at the University of Rochester was the first annual event hosted by UR Ventures and Cranberry Capital. In a mission to build relationships and foster innovation throughout Upstate New York, startup founders pursuing ways in which to change the world with advanced technology were brought together with community leaders proven successful in building and funding ventures responsible for strengthening our region’s economy.

Here’s a breakdown of the early stage startup companies spun from various Upstate colleges and universities that presented ideas in front of area mentors, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, now seeking new ways to pay it forward.


Clerio Vision Offers Alternative to LAZIKStartup. Clerio Vision

Founder | CEO. Mikael Totterman

Venture. Developing the next generation of femtosecond laser technology, Cerio Vision enables non-invasive correction of the refractive index in human cornea. This alternative for those not eligible for LAZIK, or interested in eye surgery, now has the potential to revolutionize the vision correction market.


EagleDream Health Brings Big Data to Physicians, OrganizationsStartup. EagleDream Health

Founder | CEO. Betty Rabinowitz

Venture. Currently used to manage over 250,000 active patients at the University of Rochester Medical Center, EagleDream Health’s platform and software provides ‘big data’ analytics and contemporary user interface to organizations, physicians and employers seeking value regardless of volume.


Kofinder Technologies Transforms SIM Cards into Satellite ReceiversStartup. Kofinder Technologies

Founder | CEO. Jouni Sarjanen

Venture. Where standard GPS does not work and can be spoofed, Kofinder Technologies has created a patented, zero-infrastructure solution that provides indoor and outdoor location dimensions by transforming a standard SIM card into a satellite receiver.


Iron Smoke Whisky Small Batch Distillery in Seneca Falls, NYStartup. Iron Smoke Whiskey

Founder | CEO. Tommy Brunett

Venture. Using ingredients from American farms and water from the Finger Lakes, Apple wood smoked whiskey is handcrafted and aged at Iron Smoke’s small batch distillery in Seneca Falls, N.Y.


FINsix Produces Small, Light, High-Performing ElectronicsStartup. FINSix

Founder | CEO. Vanessa Green

Venture. With a goal to build the smallest, lightest and highest-performing power electronics, FINsix is currently making a laptop adapter VHF power ready for commercial production.


Health Care Originals Team at JazzTech 2015

Health Care Originals Creates Wearable Monitors to Detect the Onset of Asthma AttacksStartup. Health Care Originals

CoFounder. Sharon Samjitsingh

Venture. With no cure for asthma to date, and over 300 million suffering with the disease worldwide, Health Care Originals created a unique and patented patch designed for everyday use. This wearable monitors precursor systems, and compares them to the user’s normal levels. It then alerts the user and their caregivers wirelessly and in real-time about changes indicating an impending attack.


Fastcap Systems Creates Energy Storage Devices for Aerospace ApplicationsStartup. FastCap Systems

Founder | CEO. Riccardo Signorelli

Venture. FastCap Systems creates out -of-the-box, technology-based solutions from energy storage devices for aerospace applications, to energy exploration, making a big impact on energy storage.


Gradiant Creates Efficient Water Treatment and Recycling ProgramsStartup. Gradiant Corporation

Advisor. Karl Doenges

Venture. With a goal to partner with customers to create efficient water treatment and recycling programs, Gradiant has developed a portfolio of technologies to manage the entire industrial water cycle. Headlined by their Carrier Gas Extraction technology, CGE™ produces freshwaster from high-TDS brines. It can also achieve Zero Liquid Discharge.


IP.com Helps Organization Make Decision with Data Analytics, PublishingStartup. IP.com

CEO. John Bonin

Venture. IP.com is an intellectual property solutions provider with an industry-leading portfolio of services to help organizations make complex business decisions. Through the use of advanced data analytics and publishing, IP.com services allow businesses to increase revenue, optimize operations and manage IP risk.


Telephus Biotechnology Company Develops Antibodies for Staph InfectionsStartup. Telephus Medical

President | CEO. Mark Benedyk

Venture. Telephus is a biotechnology company developing antibodies to treat staph infections in the orthopedics, cardiovascular and infectious disease markets. The company’s lead product, TPH 101, has already been exclusively licensed from the UR for addressing the $55 Billion antibody market.


Clear Cove Systems is an All-in-One Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Renewable Energy CompanyStartup. Clear Cove Systems

CEO. Greg Westbrook

Venture. An all-in-one wastewater treatment solutions and renewable energy company, Clear Cove Systems provides a solution that separates organics from wastewater while dramatically reducing the amount of energy needed in the treatment process. This gives way to self-sustaining treatment plants through the production of renewable energy.


WavoSyne Therapeutics Founder Speaks at the 2015 JazzTech Conference in Rochester, NY

WavoDyne Therapeutics Treats Memory and Cognitive DysfunctionStartup. WavoDyne Therapeutics

Founder. Handy Gelbard

Venture. WavoDyne Therapeutics is soon to initiate the clinical evaluation of URMC-099 for the treatment of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in older patients having undergone Coronary Bypass Graft Surgery. The company also plans on addressing the treatment of memory and cognitive dysfunction connected to HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.


Sweetwater Energy Creates Industrial Cellulosic Sugar for Bio-Fuels IndustryStartup. Sweetwater Energy

Chairman | CEO. Arunas Chesonis

Venture. Using non-edible feedstock, Sweetwater Energy creates industrial cellulosic sugar for the bio-fuels and bio-chemicals industries. This provides a cost effective and high quality supplement, which in some cases can act as a replacement for petroleum and corn.


Satelles Uses High-Power Authentication Signals to Locate Mobile Devices, Other EquipmentStartup. Satelles

Founder | CEO. Michael O’Connor

Venture. Harnessing the Iridium constellation of 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites, Satelles uses high-power authentication signals to locate a mobile device or other equipment. This cutting-edge identity management solution can reach into many building structures without being subject to spoofing or other attacks.


Ubiquitous Energy Creates Transparent Coating to Convert Ambient Light Into ElectricityStartup. Ubiquitous Energy

CoFounder | CEO. Miles Barr

Venture. Ubiquitous Energy has created a transparent coating that allows products to convert ambient light into electricity using their ClearView Power™ technology. This technology can be used as an auxiliary power source when integrated into the surfaces of mobile electronics, and also serve as an invisible, power-producing coating for windows, offsetting energy consumption in buildings.


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