Ed Foy

Professional Motivator and Angel Investor

Ed Foy - UNY50 | Upstate Venture Connect

Ed Foy’s entrepreneurial experience began in the fashion industry at Calvin Klein jeans where he helped scale technical processes and systems to enable business growth from $50 million to $500+ million within 36 months.

He then founded and became CEO of eFashionSolutions and lead successful client acquisition and strategic planning for leading eCommerce provider resulting in aggressive revenue growth exceeding 30%++ for 5 consecutive years. Achievements include successful fund raising efforts resulting in $30+ million in debt and venture funding all resulting in key partnerships with the two largest eCommerce companies in the world; eBay.com and Amazon.com.

He parlayed his success as a Founder and CEO and became a member of the ARC angel fund where he inves­ts in seed and early-stage compa­nies with high growt­h poten­tial. Focusing prima­rily on Softw­are, IT, Inter­net, Tech-Enabl­ed Servi­ces, Busin­ess Servi­ces, Digit­al Media­, Mobil­e, and Healt­hcare IT, among other­s. The Fund has a prima­ry focus towar­ds NYC and the surro­undin­g North-East and Mid-Atlan­tic area compa­nies.

Currently, Ed is the Founder and CEO of Broadway7.com providing strategic direction to small and large corporations in financial planning and analysis, product/P&L development and go to market strategies specializing in eCommerce online marketing initiatives and technical infrastructure. He is also owner of Chateau on The Lake in Bolton Landing, awarded Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants In America. Ed is also Founder and CEO of Professionally Motivated which creates and incubates web technologies to drive aggressive sales growth to small and midsize companies. Web verticals include; Blockchain,food tech, fashion e-commerce, professional services & content marketing.