Emma Goldman

Innovative Designer & Small Press Publisher

Emma GoldmanEmma Goldman is a communication specialist, publisher and bookmaker currently based out of Troy, NY. They have worked in a variety of communities over the years including, but not limited to; game development, FM radio management, news writing and small business growth. They also launched their own small press publishing resource in early 2020, Susurrate Press, that focuses on making artist books more accessible and raising the voices of marginalized groups through the publication and distribution of their works.

Emma puts priority on community and believes that there is immense power in mutual aid and community empowerment. They work to be as active as possible in their local community as both a resource and a consumer in supporting local business. With the incredible diversity of NYS’s Capital Region Emma finds endless potential for collaboration and exploration that they are excited to share and encourage as they grow.

In their free time, Emma enjoys reading with their cat, going to the farmers market and rollerskating with friends.