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Android 11 Meetup Online

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August 18, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Online event

Hello Android enthusiasts, Android 11 was just released in beta 1 and this meetup we will talk about:What’s New in Android, Adapting Your Apps for Android 11 Privacy and more! Android 11 Meetups is events aimed for Android developers who are interested in making sure their apps/games work well on the latest release of Android and want to avoid any breaking changes. What’s New in AndroidThis presentation will give a quick overview of the features in the latest release: Android 11. It will also cover information about other important releases and products for Android developers, and how to find out more. Adapting Your Apps for Android 11 Privacy ChangesPrivacy continues to be a priority in Android 11. This presentation will help you understand privacy related changes and how to make your app compatible. This includes changes to permissions including one-time permission, storage, package visibility, tooling to help identify private data access, and other new platform APIs. Modern Android DevelopmentThis presentation will give some historical context for where Android, and Android development practices, came from, and where it is at now, with an overview of the major tenets of Modern Android development in terms of language, tools, APIs, and distribution. 11 Weeks of AndroidFollow along as each week the Android team deep dive into different Android topics, with new content in areas like UI, Android Jetpack and Machine Learning.https://developer.android.com/11weeksofandroid Android 11 TalksAs part of the Android 11 Beta launch, the Android team has released 12 talks on your favorite Android development topics.https://developer.android.com/android11 #Android11Meetup Agenda + Speaker: TBD See you online!