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CREA Webinar Series: Equity Crowdfunding

May 7, 2020 @ 10:00 am
Virtual Event
Leigh Martino
CREA Webinar Series: Equity Crowdfunding @ Virtual Event

With the economy upended by COVID-19, venture capitalists are more risk-averse than ever. To raise money in this new environment, startups in need of initial backing and businesses seeking funding for a new venture will have to get creative. Crowdfunding can be a successful alternative for attracting capital.

By seeking out a group of consumers who are passionate about your company’s vision, you can connect with a larger group of smaller investors who are willing to help fund a product or service they want.
A panel of startup and crowdfunding experts will discuss the best ways to plan and execute a crowdfunding campaign in our current economic climate.

This one-hour online moderated session will feature insights from Brooke Robbins, Senior Investment Associate at Republic; Serdar Mizrakci, Cofounder and CEO of Element Farms; Krishan Arora, CEO and Founder of The Arora Project; and Kieran Ryan, member of the Wefunder Fundraising Team. Andrea Ippolito, Founder and Director of Women Entrepreneurs Cornell, will serve as moderator.