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Innovation Collective: Utica December Fireside Chat with Bob Bojanek

December 11, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Sculpture Space
12 Gates St
Utica, NY 13502
Chris Cochran
Innovation Collective: Utica December Fireside Chat with Bob Bojanek @ Sculpture Space

Imagine gathering up a few of your friends and starting a revolutionary company from your dining room table. While starting a company is always hard it is also rewarding.

But starting a company that creates a new business model, new software, and new services no one has ever done before can seem impossible. But one Central New York team did just this and grew the company to over 600 employees! And one of the founders is our next Fireside Chat speaker!

Come hear the riveting story of Bob Bojanek and ShoreGroup, a company that went from simply an around a kitchen table to creating a new model of servicing the networks of the worlds largest banks and cell phone carriers. Bob even holds over a dozen patents on the tech that ShoreGroup created.

Fireside Chats are a time to be inspired, learn from folks just like us who have done some incredible things, and connect with a bunch of like-minded people from the community who are working together to build a better Utica.

Our next Fireside Chat is December 11th, 6PM at Sculpture Space (12 Gates St, Utica, NY). We will have free drinks and you will get to a chance to meet some of the coolest people in town.

Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not, these evenings are for you! Come meet Bob and leave ready to take on the world and build something new!