Latina Founders Fireside Chat with Megan Meza and Kayla Castañeda

May 27, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
Michael Thaney
Latina Founders Fireside Chat with Megan Meza and Kayla Castañeda @ Virtual

Cultural-rooted startups get a modern twist with Megan Meza’s Bandida Horchata Cold Brew Coffee and Kayla Castañeda’s Agua Bonita real fruit aguas frescas. In this virtual Fireside Chat, Megan and Kayla will talk with branding expert, Maureen Ballatori about:

What it’s like to start a beverage company inspired by a beverage from your heritage
How to pay homage to your heritage, while feeling true to yourself and making something that can resonate with a modern market
What it’s like to run a venture-backed company as a Latina woman
Brand building and the different directions Megan and Kayla took their visual aesthetics
Megan Méza is the founder of Bandida, a dairy-free Horchata Cold Brew Coffee. Bandida is special because they use coffee breaks to break the glass ceiling by partnering with diverse women at every step: from coffee growers, product photographers, down to their accountants. Megan comes from a marketing & strategy background where she’s helped companies like Coca-Cola and Mondelez find better ways to unlock customer value.

Kayla Castañeda, co-founder & CEO of Agua Bonita, lives by the mantra “when life gives you lemons, make aguas frescas”. With a passion for eco-friendly practices and entrepreneurship, as well as 8+ years in corporate CPG, she works to amplify Latinx culture by bringing a traditional drink to the modern market.

They’ll be interviewed by Maureen Ballatori, owner of the national food, beverage, and ag agency, 29 Design Studio who has helped her firm’s clients impressively scale their brands.