WNY iPhone Developers Meetup, now at BGS

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July 13, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

New date, time and location!
The Western New York iPhone Developers’ Group now meets at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Buffalo Game Space, on the fourth floor of the TriMain Center building.
Rough agenda:
6:30pm – 6:45pm: Meet new people, decide what we want to cover. 6:45pm – 7:45pm: Introductory topics/tutorial sessions if new iOS developers are present and interested. 7:45pm – 9:00pm: Intermediate/advanced topics, code reviews, demos, etc. 9:00pm – whenever: Hang out, socialize, hack, conspire, scheme, whatnot.
The WNY iPhone Developers’ Meetup welcomes anyone who is interested in iPhone/iPad development. Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned pro, we try to make sure that everyone gets something out of each meetup.
Topics we typically discuss include:
* Finish an app recently? Congratulations! Give us a demo and we’ll celebrate together. * Learned any intermediate/advanced iPhone APIs, open source libraries, or coding tricks lately? Teach us! * Curious about an API or technology? Ask the group. Someone probably has some relevant experience they can share. * Stuck on a bug? We’ll try to fix it together, and maybe we’ll all learn something new. * Working on an app and want constructive criticism? We can put it up on the projector and review your UI or your code. * Not sure about the best way to approach some problem? Let’s talk about it. * What are the most successful strategies and tactics for marketing an app? Let’s share what we’ve learned.