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Kathryn Cartini

Startup Mentor, Promoter + Investor

Kathryn Cartini - UVC Communications Director

Kathryn Cartini is passionate about #SharingStories that inspire others to follow their hearts in work and life, herself included.


After graduating from the the Newhouse Program at Syracuse University, she began her career in television broadcasting for the NBC affiliate in Syracuse, NY and ABC/CNN affiliate in Charlotte, NC. In the newsroom, she became skilled at asking qualifying questions, learning through listening and above all else, communicating stories across multiple platforms.


Her passion for sharing stories gave way to her next adventure when Kathryn joined Boston’s active startup community and launched Peacock Media, a content marketing firm. As Founder and CEO of Peacock Media, Kathryn helps startups, entrepreneurs and venture development organizations attract attention online with organic content, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and website design.


Kathryn returned to her hometown of Syracuse, NY to help rebuild Upstate NY through entrepreneurship. In 2015, she joined Upstate Venture Connect as Chief Marketing Officer to help connect entrepreneurs across Upstate New York with the resources they need to success. Fascinated by the Digital Age, Kathryn is always searching for different ways to apply technology to the art of communication. You’ll likely find her darting about at various tech meetup groups and entrepreneur events snapping pictures with her iPhone to help promote Upstate’s vibrant startup scene.


In her latest venture, Kathryn is a Partner with Chloe Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in women tech founders and educating women investors.


Kathryn is also a talent scout and mentor for the StartFast Venture Accelerator and on the Advisory Board of the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship at the Madden School of Business  at Le Moyne College.

Learn more about her current initiatives at KathrynCartini.com.