Lorenzo Agnes

President of ZoMedia & UVC Community Connector

Lorenzo Agnes | UVC Community ConnectorAmerican spirit, European soul, African heart.


Born in London of Italian parents, Lorenzo moved to Italy when he was a child, and then crossed continents to South Africa where he spent half of his life and married his wife, Delray. Presently they live in upstate New York and the Boston area.


After graduating from high school, Lorenzo received a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and after a successful decade in the advertising and computer graphics worlds, answered a divine call to full time church ministry, where he served for over twenty years. Presently he is employed at Dussault Group as their Culturalist. He also leads ZOmedia, an Image and Branding company. In demand as a public speaker and personal leadership coach, Lorenzo is frequently on the road.


Having lived on several continents and worked in various industries, his experiences allow him to approach his craft from a unique perspective. An authentic blend of creativity and practicality allow for a meaningful discussion and application of the principles he teaches and how he can help those he works with.