Industry Building Blocks (IBB)

Industry Building Blocks is the first company to provide granular (five-forces level) industry analysis information for the top 20,000 global industries (accounting for more than 99.9% of the global economy).

Industry information at this granular level is superior for making corporate and business unit decisions. Each of the unique, non-overlapping industries in the Industry Building Blocks Industry Classification System [TM] is analyzed using the same industry template which includes: industry name, definition, size, competitors, substitutes, vendors, customer types, channels, end users, buyer decision criteria, product / service varieties, industry trends, industry uncertainties, industry success factors, IoT classification, and more.

Industry Building Blocks also provides unique and objective line-of-business information for more than 12,000 companies (3,000 public companies and 9,000 private companies). In addition to analyzing mostly global companies, IBB analyzes over 3,000 companies in the NY Southern Tier region for industry cluster development in 11 NY State counties..

IBB uniquely enables side-by-side, apples-to-apples, competitor analyses at the line-of-business level. (Global 1,000 firms compete, on average, in 30 lines of business.

PepsiCo, for example, competes in 63 industries in the IBB database, where corn chips and potato chips are viewed by IBB as distinct industries.

Paper napkins, paper towels, and tissues are also viewed as distinct, multi-billion dollar global industries in the IBB database, even though they are often used as substitutes. For over 18 years, Industry Building Blocks has been leveraging the industry frameworks made famous by Harvard Business School Professor Michael E. Porter.