Mary Malone McCarthy

Founder @ M3 Placement and Partnership


Mary Malone is the founder and CEO of M3 Placement & Partnership, an executive search and strategic HR firm. As a certified MWBE, she and her team partner with companies nationwide, to lead executive searches, talent recruitment efforts, employee retention programs, and strategic HR projects. When she began M3 she did so with the conviction that when employees are fulfilled and cared for they are better able to care for their families and their communities and in turn, our world. This purpose has led to significant growth for the organization and continues to fuel each member of the team to wake up each day and care for all of their stakeholders.

In 2020 she began her podcast, “Moments with M3” to share stories of how to lead a purpose driven life and build an organization that works for all stakeholders. Mary Malone believes when individuals are fulfilled at work, they are energized to create better organizations and a more fulfilling life in their communities and their homes.

This passion for a purpose driven life has led Mary Malone to become a part of the Conscious Capitalism Senior Leader Network, a global network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs dedicated to Conscious Capitalism. In addition, she is working to bring this form of stakeholder capitalism to her community, founding the Upstate Chapter of Conscious Capitalism in Albany.

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In her own life she is committed to building healthy and economically viable communities through the nonprofit organizations she lends her expertise to in Upstate New York. Mary Malone is a founding member of the Mohawk Valley Health System’s Women’s Giving Circle which invests in projects that will build and strengthen the local health system. Previously, she was honored to serve as board member for the Mohawk Valley Health System Foundation, Mohawk Valley Community College, United Way, Stanley Center for the Arts, and Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce. She founded the Women’s Roundtable, which facilitates meaningful conversations for female senior executives and was co-founder of Accent on Excellence which is a program that honored young leaders who excel in their professional work while giving back to their communities. Her work was celebrated with the Young Careerist Award from the Women’s Business Council as well as the Salute to Outstanding Women from the YWCA.

Mary Malone is a graduate of Wells College and has a passion for mentoring others and watching them unleash their potential whether personally or professionally.

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