Savneet Singh

CEO @ PAR Tech | Investor @ CoVentures


Savneet Singh is the President & CEO of PAR Technology Corp. (NYSE:PAR), one of the largest restaurant technology companies in the world. After taking the helm at PAR, Savneet restructured and recapitalized the business, and has led the transformation of PAR from a legacy hardware provider, to a fast-growing SaaS business.

Mr. Singh is a partner of CoVenture, LLC, a $2bn multi-asset manager with funds in venture capital, direct lending, and cryptocurrency. Mr. Singh serves on the Board of PAR Technology (NYSE:PAR) and CDON (NasdaqOMX:CDON) and has been a successful early stage investor in Uber, Ripple, Rippling, SoFi, Postmates among others.

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