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Monty Estes

Remembering Monty Estes (1943-2018)

Our friend and mentor, J. Montieth “Monty” Estes, a visionary leader who helped create the culture of entrepreneurship support in Upstate NY, passed away on February 11, 2018. With his passion for founders commercializing new technologies, Monty was a true advocate for our region and its entrepreneurial potential. During his forty-year career as a lawyer, startup mentor, and fundraising advisor, Monty was the go-to person for scores of founders seeking to build fast growing companies.

Monty was also one of the first people to realize that our region as a whole is much stronger than any individual community, and he worked tirelessly to build the connections and collaborations that we take for granted today. To that end, he played a pivotal role in the formation of the Upstate Capital Association of New York, SmartStart Venture Forum, Pre-Seed Workshops, Seed Capital Fund of CNY, Upstate Alliance for Innovation and other organizations dedicated to building a more connected region. Monty also drove numerous tech transfer initiatives that united Upstate NY research universities behind the goal of research commercialization.

We were very fortunate to have been able to recognize Monty’s enormous contributions to our region’s founders last September with the David M. Ahlers Master Ecosystem Builder Award. We miss Monty, but all we have to do is look around to see his impact on our region.


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  • Posted at 12:20 pm, March 1, 2018

    Monty Estes is going to be missed by many. I first worked with Monty when he was the Executive Vice President of Scientific Calculations and I was the Director of Sales back in the 1980’s. Monty was the reason I was hired for that job. He has been a life long friend of over 35 years and great mentor for me. Monty was a great advocate for entrepreneurial spirit and well deserving of the David M. Ahlers Master Ecosystem Builder Award. I’m thankful that he received that award before he passed. He made a significant difference to very many people in Up State NY. Monty may you rest in peace.

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