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Rochester Beacon: The Way Forward For Upstate Businesses

What does it take to grow a world-class business in Upstate New York? We set out to find the answer to that question by interviewing founders from across the region.


By Jennifer Sertl and Nasir Ali | Guests to the Rochester Beacon


The result was the “Upstate Founders Playbook,” a candid look at the ups and downs of high-growth entrepreneurship and how different founders approached their challenges.

As in many areas of the United States, deindustrialization left Upstate New York communities with a rich and storied history, but no clear path to the future. As the golden age of Kodak and Xerox gave way to Instagram and Snapchat and once mighty IBM and GE struggled for relevance in the era of pocket supercomputers and alternative energy, upstate leaders and communities have been forced to search for ways to make this region a place where high-paying jobs and a great quality of life can go hand in hand.


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