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Farther Farms Pitch

Student Startup Conveys Broader Vision for Food Processing Technology

Natural Cuts Announces Rebrand to Farther Farms, Seeking to Become a Leader in Sustainable Food Processing Technology

Farther Farms uses innovative food processing technology developed at Cornell University to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce. Cofounders Vipul Saran and Michael Annunziata are both Cornell eLab alums and members of Rev: Ithaca Startup Works. Vipul and Michael were also invited to participate in the BGINternship. This is a competitive internship offered by New York City brand-building agency The Burns Group in cooperation with Entrepreneurship@Cornell. The program offers startups the opportunity to work with branding and marketing experts. Farther Farms was chosen for a three-week residence in their NYC office where they worked on strategists and designers to fulfill key branding needs for the business. Farther Farms and its new visual identity will help to convey a broader vision for its revolutionary food processing technology.

“Over the last year, we have come to understand that our technology represents a breakthrough in food processing and fresh vegetable accessibility,” explained co-founder and CEO Mike Annunziata. “Extending the shelf life of fresh produce without preservatives, cold storage, or high temperature represents a major paradigm shift. Farther Farms better articulates our mission-driven pursuit of a more sustainable
food system.”

Farther Farms strives to create a more sustainable food system by reducing food waste, curtailing energy consumption, and
making fresh produce accessible to all. The company will continue to scale its technology and production capacity in the central New York area over the next 6 to 12 months. The first product to hit the market will be the Natural Cuts French fry, the company’s staple product known for its never-frozen,
premium-quality taste and unparalleled shelf life of 60 days at room temperature.

Rebranding allows Farther Farms to cast a wide net, engaging with myriad applications, new innovations, and multifaceted approaches to reduce food waste, energy consumption, and malnutrition.

“Above all, we are a sustainable technology company innovating to improve the food system,” said co-founder and Chief Product Officer Vipul Saran. “We are driven by underlying principles to add value, and leave the world a better place. To best accomplish this requires flexibility for continued ingenuity in the engineering of new solutions, and prompt responses to urgent needs. We are in this for the long haul, and Farther Farms encapsulates who we are now, and our greater vision going forward.”

The new name is effective immediately.

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