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Brad Feld: Support UNY's Startup Community

Support UNY’s Startup Community

When Martin and I started the UVC journey six years ago, Upstate NY communities viewed life as a zero sum game. As outsiders looking in, it was clear that the focus of our communities was largely inwards and local, instead of outwards and global.

Today, we are amazed at the rich tapestry of activities and entrepreneurial connections that we found in our travels across the region. In every community, we found entrepreneurs who wanted to help others succeed. And our efforts to link them across UNY have created a real movement. It is obvious UVC is poised to be a regional resource if we continue building it right now.

Because of UVC, Upstate’s founders and startup supporters can find:


As our community grows, more resources are required to spotlight what is happening and share the news across our region. That is why we are asking you to support our 2016 fundraising campaignYour gift will help us:

  • Maintain and improve accessibility and volume of assets on the UNY Ecosystem Map and Events Calendar
  • Grow more angel funds and student startup programs in every community
  • Find the entrepreneurs driving change and share their stories across the UVC channels and regional media
  • Bring leaders like Brad Feld, Paul Singh, Dane Stangler, and Tim Keenan to UNY to inspire and provide a global perspective on how to grow our ecosystem


With your gift we will be able to achieve this and so much more. Your donation will be recognized across our community, and spur involvement by more entrepreneurs and investors interested in the success of UNY. Please consider making your tax-deductible donation today to move us further towards our goal.


Building a Startup Community | Donate to UVC.org


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