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ACV Auctions Article | Upstate Venture Connect

" 'We have a huge number of familiar brands that were started by upstate people someplace other than upstate,' said Martin Babinec, the founder and chairman of the regional startup networking group Upstate Venture Connect. Think Airbnb, Priceline, Android and Nvidia – to say nothing of Larry Jacob’s $3 billion multiple sclerosis drug, Avonex." By Caitlin Dewey | The Buffalo News The frosted-glass conference rooms at ACV...

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Upstate NY Rewards Innovation

At the 2017 Upstate Unleashed Conference, Upstate Venture Connect featured the leaders of Upstate New York’s $1M+ innovation competitions – GENIUS NY, Luminate, 43North, and 76West – on the Upstate NY Rewards Innovation Panel. One year later, we caught up with the leaders of each competition to learn the latest on their programs and see the progress the winners have made over the last year....

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9 High Growth Companies Hiring in Upstate NY

As we kick off 2018 it's time to start thinking about what's next. There are hundreds of innovation companies, many of which are under five years old, that are poised to do great things this year. From advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity, to big data and artificial intelligence, companies in Upstate NY are hiring new talent to help them conquer the world. Are you ready to join...

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UMA Bioseed 2015 NYS Business Plan Competition Winner

New York Business Plan Competition: Advice

More than 500 student teams are expected to complete at the 2016 New York Business Plan Competition in April. Here's advice from startup investor Les Neumann of iCANny on how to prepare an "award winning" pitch. The deadline to enter the competition is March 25. Last year's grand prize winner was Uma Bioseed....

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