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AJ Damiano - PowerSpike | Upstate Venture Connect

Deep in the dorms of universities across the world are students either thinking about or working on building a company. One such student, AJ Damiano, started his company, PowerSpike, from his dorm room at Syracuse University back in 2014, while beginning his freshman year studies in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. One month after graduating, PowerSpike has now been accepted into the prestigious TechStars program. ...

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By: Tyler Schrodt, CEO of EGF   The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) is a Rochester based company, founded to create competitive video gaming (also known as electronic sports or “eSports”) leagues for both colleges and individual gamers all over the world. In addition to organizing and governing these leagues and tournaments, EGF also engages in a variety of efforts to enhance the media environment and community around...

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