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Early Stage Technology Companies Present Ideas at the 2015 JazzTech Conference in Rochester, NY

The 2015 JazzTech Conference held at the University of Rochester was the first annual event hosted by UR Ventures and Cranberry Capital. In a mission to build relationships and foster innovation throughout Upstate New York, startup founders pursuing ways in which to change the world with advanced technology were brought together with community leaders proven successful in building and funding ventures responsible for strengthening our...

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What do investors want?

By: Chuck Stormon I’m an anomaly. I’m an entrepreneur, an angel investor and an institutional investor (venture capitalist) all at the same time. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years, and angel investor for 7 years and a venture fund manager for 3 years. As an entrepreneur, I’ve raised about $45 million from top venture capitalists. As an angel, I’ve invested in 31 startups and as a...

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