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Troy-based startup raises $100k, partners with Zogby

Website Our.News aims to combat misinformation and fake news by making it easy for everyone to separate fact from fiction, and to judge for themselves what’s factual. The company recently raised $100,000 in pre-seed funding, and partnered with international pollster John Zogby. Our.News founder Richard Zach was introduced to Zogby through Upstate Venture Connect. ...

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Startup Community Feels UNY50 Impact

What would happen if a group of Upstate ecosystem leaders built a network of likeminded entrepreneurial members across multiple Upstate communities? The answer is the UNY50 Leadership Network of proven entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and ecosystem influencers paying it forward to help next generation entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the accomplishments UNY50 members have achieved in 2016. ...

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