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2018 Awards - Rochester Winners | Upstate Venture Connect

Three of the six winners of this year's Upstate Venture Ecosystem Awards hailed from Rochester. Hosted by Upstate Venture Connect, the 2018 Upstate Unleashed Conference brought together over 450 entrepreneurial leaders from across upstate to Syracuse, and featured talks from Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and CloudCheckr CEO Aaron Newman, among others....

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2018 Unleashed - Winners & Speakers | Upstate Venture Connect

Upstate Venture Connect hosted over 450 entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders at the 2018 Upstate Unleashed Conference and Venture Ecosystem Awards. Guests traveled from Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester and Utica to learn, celebrate and connect. This annual event aligns with UVC's mission to create a region-wide startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs to the people and resources needed to build great companies in Upstate...

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UVANY decodes the Term Sheet

By: Maureen Newman, UVC Biomedical Engineering Community Connector Its your first startup and you get a hint of attention from your first VC. So you hire an attorney and wrote a full-blown Private Placement Memorandum, only to end the day without any funding. Wait—what happened? According to Rami Katz, Chief Operating Officer at Excell Partners, your expectations for funding may not have been oriented with what your VC had...

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