A Region Reborn

Upstate NY has a storied history as the home of many of the most successful companies in the mid-twentieth century.

Today, a 21st century economy is emerging, fueled by the region’s incredible intellectual resources (100+ colleges and universities drawing more than 500,000 students from around the globe as well as over $2.5 billion in annual R&D grants).  The charge is being led by a new generation of entrepreneurs who are benefitting from an expanding and increasingly well connected ecosystem.

UVC is at the forefront of building key elements of Upstate NY’s regional ecosystem, measuring the growth of startups and supporting activities, and celebrating our successes.

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Our Progress

UVC founders have played a key role in building Upstate NY’s startup ecosystem.

Nasir joins Syracuse Chamber of Commerce – Tech Garden opens, Seed Capital Fund of CNY formed, Syracuse Student Sandbox and Clean Tech Center programs launched. Initial links  created between Syracuse and Ithaca, Rochester, Albany startup leaders. Martin meets Nasir at UVANY event and the two compare notes about Silicon Valley and Upstate NY

Martin and Nasir launch UVC; network expands to include alumni and expats: UNY Event Calendar launches

Brad Feld visits Upstate NY as UVC guest; Eastern NY Angels launches; StartFast Accelerator fund launches

StartFast graduates first class; Syracuse Student Sandbox mentioned at National Governors Association meeting

Rochester Angel Fund launches; thINCubator launches in Utica; Partnership with Startup Genome to create UNY Startup Map; Ithaca Venture Community launches; partnership with UVANY to create Upstate Ventures LinkedIn group

Buffalo Angel Fund launches; ENYA announces second fund; UNY50 launches. Deployment of UNY Startup Map and UNY Event Calendar to partner websites in the startup community.

UVC appoints two additional board members; Community Connector program launches; UVC wins 2015 Global Innovation Ecosystem Award. UVC and UVANY host the 2015 Upstate Venture Ecosystem Awards.


UVC Business Model

Upstate Venture Connect is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to create an entrepreneur-led startup ecosystem for the Upstate NY region.

What UVC Means to Me from Upstate Venture Connect on Vimeo.

We work with entrepreneurs, economic development organizations and other community builders who share our belief in high growth companies being drivers of Upstate’s new economy.

Our operations are supported by revenues from three primary sources:

Tax deductible donations from individuals interested in supporting UVC’s mission and programs.

Sponsorships from companies and organizations seeking access and visibility in the emerging economy.

Advisory Services to community organizations seeking to launch sustainable programs to identify and support high growth businesses.

For additional information, contact @nasir@uvc.org.

UVC Team