Connecting Entrepreneurs Across Upstate New York

Upstate Venture Connect is an entrepreneur-led nonprofit focused on building a region wide startup community. We connect high growth company founders with the people and resources needed for success. We also partner with ecosystem leaders to create angel capital funds and build programs that assist entrepreneurial college students, researchers and technologists.

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More Resources for Founders & Community Builders

Startup Help

Have an idea for a startup, or perhaps it’s time to scale? Whatever you need, connecting with the right people is your key to success. Be visible on the UNY Ecosystem Map and share your stories with startup supporters across Upstate.

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UNY50 Leaders

UNY50 members are building a more connected entrepreneurial ecosystem across Upstate NY. Membership is by invitation only, with high selectivity requirements designed to facilitate trust and build collaborative relationships.

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Angel Investing

Access to angel investment is critical for growing new ventures. UVC can connect you with angels and investment opportunities in Upstate New York. We can also help you launch an angel fund for your community.

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Cleantech Ecosystem

Our region is home to an amazing group of scientific researchers, startup founders and community supporters who are on a mission to save our economy and our planet. Get connected today.

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UNY Event Calendar

The UNY Event Calendar is the most comprehensive resource for finding startup and creative connections. Add your own events for maximum visibility and share regional events by including the calendar on your website.

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UNY Pulse

UVC's blog, newsletters + social media followers reach more than 13,000 startup supporters. Find out what's happening around Upstate New York and leverage our super regional network to share your own stories.

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