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The Entrepreneurs Network launches new program for high-growth CEOs

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The Entrepreneurs Network is unique. TEN helps startups and existing small businesses by using instructors who are current and relevant – leading successful companies today and sharing expertise and first-hand experience. More than 365 entrepreneurs across Upstate New York have participated in what is now called “TEN 101.” Together, these entrepreneurs and TEN have beat the odds of 90% failure rate for tech-based startups. TEN participants gain market traction and grow revenues, secure funding and create jobs!

“The best entrepreneurs are curious and vigilant,” said Jean Kase, Executive Director, The Entrepreneurs Network. The seek opportunities to keep learning, sharing and improving their competitive advantage. What comes next is important to you.”

Many business start and stall. Success means overcoming obstacles.

As Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the face.” Marketing efforts are inadequate to keep the pipeline full. Sales cycles take longer than expected. It’s not readily apparent if the customers won are generating growth that is profitable, scalable and sustainable.

When reality hits, alumni reach back out to TEN. They want to reconnect and tap the most important part of TEN to overcome these challenges: peer-to-peer learning, and instructors who have been there, done that. This lead to TEN running two pilot programs, to test and refine their offering.

Don’t go it alone. Improve your results with The Entrepreneurs Network – TEN 201.

This intensive short-course format is geared for company leaders with revenues, who have been moved from theory to practice, and recognize the value of best practices training and entrepreneurial camaraderie to prepare them to achieve their goals in 2018 and beyond.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to overcome challenges, and better still, how to avoid them.

TEN 201 uses assessment tools related to marketing, sales, and finance. This captures participating company specifics and shapes the content provided so instruction and 1:1 coaching is relevant and actionable.

The program includes sessions from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., refreshments and dinners are provided. TEN 201 requires a high energy level so entrepreneurs are hydrated, caffeinated and well fed:

Boot Camp #1 – Wednesday, November 1 – Overview of TEN 201

Bootcamp #2 – Wednesday, November 8 – Focus on Scalability

Boot Camp #3 – Wednesday, November 15 – Focus on Profitability

Boot Camp #4 – Wednesday, November 29 – Focus on Sustainability

Boot Camp # 5 – Friday, December 8 – 8: am to 1: 30 pm – Final Presentations

The cost is $1000 per company and multiple participants are encouraged. Generous support from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation allows entrepreneurs access to TEN 201 at less than one-tenth of the cost for expert instruction and 1:1 coaching.

Implementing a strategy focused on things that matter and drive success

“We know entrepreneurs are really smart,” said Jean Kase. “It creates a paradox of being the problem and solution. Entrepreneurs are running 100 miles an hour, pulled in countless directions, and balancing multiple inputs and milestones to be achieved.”

“TEN 201 offers a combination of intensity and camaraderie, from peers and experts, getting you ‘outside your own head’ to identify, sort and focus on things that matter,” she added.

TEN is currently accepting applications from tech0based entrepreneurs for the new TEN 201 program series. Apply here:

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