Mark Oney

SVP of Products @ Kyndi


Mark Oney is a successful engineering/operations executive and serial entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. He has a strong track record of development innovation and aggressive delivery of market-defining solutions.

Mark cut his teeth at Apple, and continued on to co-found three start-ups and join six others. Most recently, Mark joined Kyndi, Inc., an innovative AI start-up, as their SVP of Products. He’s an RIT alumni, a founding member of RIT’s West Coast Board of Advisors, and a member of (and active mentor within) the UNY50 Leadership Network.

Prior to Kyndi, Mark served in a range of executive management roles, including Engineering, Advanced Research, Product Management, Managed Services, and Support. Most recently, at EmployeeChannel, he led the AI Research, Engineering, DevOps, and Customer Success teams for this mobile-first, cloud-base, AI-powered SaaS venture. While there, he bootstrapped a development team in Rochester to accelerate the company’s R&D growth.

Prior to EmployeeChannel, as Chief Product Officer at Granicus, he oversaw the Product Management and Product Development functions, driving a unification of the portfolio and improved execution.

Prior to that, he lead the engineering, research, linguistics, hosted operations, and managed services functions at VirtuOz, driving an aggressive transformation within each area.

Mark earlier served as SVP of Engineering at several start-ups, including Sabrix, Evant, Extensity, Crag Technologies, and Ridge Technologies, all resulting in successful liquidity events, returning shareholder value. As an Apple alumni and Director of Software Development, he contributed to a resurgence of their then struggling PowerBook business.

The apples don’t fall far from the tree, as both of Mark and Gail’s sons are active members of the Bay Area start-up community.

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