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SpinCar $22M Financing | Upstate Venture Connect

SpinCar's $22 million recapitalization is the largest financing for a downtown Syracuse business in over a decade. The investment created a 20-times (2,000%) return for the StartFast investors, and has positioned SpinCar to continue its triple-digit annual growth rate. With its headquarters in Syracuse, SpinCar's growth is creating new job opportunities for the region's college graduates as well. ...

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Startup Community Feels UNY50 Impact

What would happen if a group of Upstate ecosystem leaders built a network of likeminded entrepreneurial members across multiple Upstate communities? The answer is the UNY50 Leadership Network of proven entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and ecosystem influencers paying it forward to help next generation entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the accomplishments UNY50 members have achieved in 2016. ...

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StartFast Code Fills Need for Coding Resources in Syracuse

The growth of our development community is essential to the success of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. There is a real need for more coding resources in Syracuse. Individuals need education and mentorship opportunities, while employers need help finding talent. The founders of local venture accelerator, StartFast, have a solution to this problem. They aim to create a sustainable bootcamp called StartFast Code, specifically tailored for the...

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