Keeler in the Morning: Martin Babinec On Creating Jobs in Upstate

Keeler in the Morning: Martin Babinec On Creating Jobs in Upstate NY

By Bill Keeler of Keeler in the Morning | WIBX News

As an entrepreneur and venture catalyst dedicated to creating a sustainable economy in Upstate NY, Martin Babinec’s focus is all about jobs.

“My goal is to retain our best people instead of watching them move away, and we need to do that by creating jobs.”

In an interview with Bill Keeler of Keeler in the Morning, Martin Babinec outlines his ongoing mission to grow an ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs with the resources needed to succeed.

During this interview, Martin shared recent findings from the first ever Upstate Venture CEO Report, which surveyed 115 founders from high growth companies. The results include the impact these companies are having right now on Upstate’s economy, primarily shedding light on the thousands of in-state jobs created, and the thousands more projected over the next five years.

“Upstate Venture Connect has the ability to grow our jobs. It’s not necessarily having to attract companies to move here, as it is about taking advantage of the talent and resources we’ve got right here in Upstate,” said Babinec.

Upstate Venture Connect commissioned CGR, an independent consulting firm out of Rochester, NY, to assist in developing the survey instruments. UVC and its collaborating partners then went out and found companies who create products and services for customers around the globe in these newer industries to participate in the survey.

Based on the companies that were surveyed, the Report reveals the creation of 3,300 jobs. And through economic analysis performed, CGR estimates and additional 4,400 spillover jobs in the community created as a results of these companies.

Babinec said, “That’s a total of 7,700 jobs and about $500 million in payroll!”

Listen to the full interview to learn more about findings uncovered in the 2016 Upstate Venture CEO Report.


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