Noémie Atlan

UVC Correspondent | Freelance Digital Marketer

Women Fill Key Positions in Upstate New York

The number of women who serve in key strategic positions is growing slowly but surely in all industries. And this is also true for the Upstate entrepreneurial ecosystem, as more and more women tend to launch themselves on the entrepreneurial adventure or help grow the ecosystem through venture funds or in public entities.

David Colligan: How to approach an angel investor?

Angel investor and startup mentor David Colligan won the 2015 Community Catalyst award for his contributions to the Upstate startup ecosystem. Since winning the award, David continues to pay it forward as the active member of the Buffalo Angels and Trustee of the Wilson Foundation. He also joined with Buffalo First to create a podcast on angel investing and early-stage capital investment.

Venture Capitalist Zach Shulman Fosters Student Entrepreneurship

Zach Shulman, winner of the 2015 Ecosystem Champion Award and Director of Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, tells us about his commitment to student entrepreneurship as an educator, investor and mentor for Upstate NY startup founders.

John Liddy Talks Syracuse Student Sandbox

John Liddy won 2015 Campus Connector Award at the Venture Ecosystem Awards tells us about the next Syracuse Student SandBox Demo Day and his plans to continue supporting entrepreneurship in Upstate New York.